Main Programs Of Credit Granting By State

In general, there are some programs according to which a loan from the state can be granted to you.

The first is the micro-financing program. For obtaining of such credit it is necessary to apply to special funds on supports of entrepreneurs in your region.

The second: “Guarantee” program. In this case the credit can be granted to you under the guarantee of the fund. That is, you sign the 3-parties contract with commercial bank where the state fund will act as the guarantor. Thanks to it chances of credit obtaining by you will considerably increase. However, keep in mind that the fund won’t always be able to act for 100% as the guarantor. Limits and maximum amounts of the guarantee are specified in the provisions of regional fund, and will have certain limits.

The third: “subsidies” or credit irrevocably. Entrepreneurs, who are registered not more than 1 year, will be able to receive such assistance. For receipt of such credit often mediates the fund of population employment and the purpose of it is to decline the unemployment in the region.

In this case you should have a following plan of actions. It is necessary to get registered in the fund of employment and to receive the status of unemployed. Then it is necessary to make a business plan with all details, all costs, predicted income, methods of achievement of profits, etc. Besides, the planned expenses are described separately in details, and the request is filled-in. All documents are supplemented with information, whether workplaces will be created and you submit them for consideration of special commission. In case of positive result you sign the contract with fund of employment and perform registration of business activity if it has not been registered yet.

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