What Is Emitting Bank?

The emitting bank is a special financial organization offering not absolutely standard type of payment cards to consumers.

It doesn’t matter what card the client has chosen, within this offer the emitting bank assumes liabilities on settlement of debts of the holder of a credit card in case of situations of not paid liabilities on it.

Such bank, as well as ordinary, first checks solvency of the borrower and estimates it by specially developed criteria. On the basis of these criteria the bank determines a limit which it can grant to the card holder. Bank has the right to increase or decrease this limit depending on financial activity and obligation in payments of the holder of a payment card.

So what are differences between emitting and ordinary bank? The matter is that together with a credit card the emitting bank performs communication with a brand of famous companies. This approach allows such bank to achieve high interest from consumers. Besides, such attitude gives a wide range of opportunities for involvement of new clients.

The brand issuer really assumes some part of responsibility of the client in case of card issue. Namely, in a situation when the holder of a payment card committed an unpaid balance, the emitting bank makes transactions on a debt levy. However, thus, the main part of responsibility will be the responsibility of the bank which arranged the card to you.

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