Investment Loan: Long-term Cooperation With Bank

Investment loan, perhaps, is one of the most optimum products of bank. With its help any company which has experience of business, can try to gain the necessary amount for opening or developments of a new project.

The companies of various organization of activities and patterns of ownership can obtain an investment loan.

The target purpose of such type of crediting is financing of expansion or reconstruction of the fixed business and non-productive assets of the entity, purchase of equipment or other equipment, agricultural projects of long-term appointment, construction, etc.

It should be noted that purposes of an interest rate, insurance payment and additional commissions will depend directly on the crediting purpose.

The following options of investment crediting are possible: credit line, leasing, project crediting.

The “credit line” option implies issue to the borrower of finance separate tranches, but the total amount will be not above the set limit.

The leasing option allows the entity to receive various equipment, vehicles or special equipment in use.

And the last option is a “project crediting”, the offer which is oriented to long-term financing of business on the basis of the business plan approved before.

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