What Difficulties Businessman Faces Obtaining Loan At Bank?

Nobody will argue that in our country representatives of small business often conceal the real incomes. Though, often businessman really do not have such turnovers to have opportunity to give powerful taxes to the budget. In order to receive profit on activities of the entity large cash investments will be necessary. Very often it happens that businessman does not have them, and the credit obtaining is not a simple task.

Therefore, it is worth noticing that often refusal of the bank to the specific entrepreneur is connected with secrecy of the businessman. Frequently in order to pay smaller taxes entrepreneurs underestimate the profits to a minimum in accounting reports. They are forced to provide to the creditor the same papers as others just are not available. It is absolutely logical that the bank do not want to grant the loan to the almost unprofitable entity. The situation is aggravated if the potential borrower has no liquid property which could be used as a pledge. The guarantor, from whom it is possible to levy some thousands of dollars in a critical case, often is not available.

But not always just businessmen are guilty. Very often the owners of small business are pushed away by too high percent. It is known that in the western countries these rates are much lower. In addition, loans have no credit vacation for clients. The term of consideration of a loan is also a serious barrier.

Therefore, the applicant even more often applies to “black” borrowers. According to the statistics the quantity of the granted loans by usurers grew to 25%. They don’t require from the borrower neither liquid property, nor guarantors; thanks to it entrepreneurs are ready to be reconciled even with the raised interest rate.

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