Terms Of Requests Consideration

Now let’s talk about terms during which the bank will consider your request. Most often in bank advertising you can see such information.

Nevertheless, the credits for business are more individual product and most likely bank will take a break from 1 to 5 days.

Very seldom this figure can be exceeded. And this may occur if in the documents submitted by you there are ambiguous figures, inaccuracies or other that bank considers as suspicious or doubtful for giving the affirmative answer to you. In that case they will treat with you if they are interested in credit granting to you. Otherwise, most likely they will write refusal. Therefore, it is better to give exact and whenever possible positive information.

We want, perhaps, to repeat that for prompt receipt of the answer from the bank it is better to prepare all proper documents by which you confirm your readiness in case of receipt of the credit to fulfill the undertaken obligations to bank. Naturally, the more impressive they are, the shorter is the term on decision making.

To such “accelerators” reporting accounting documents (reports) can be referred, documents on the property right, documents confirming possession of property (for example, purchase and sale agreement, technical data sheets, acts, etc.)

Don’t forget that on the site of any bank there are online requests for the credit. Including business credits. Therefore, not to waste your time it is possible to submit preliminary applications directly to some banks without leaving the computer. Representatives of banks will quickly call back to you, and you will know in what bank you will have the highest percent of positive result and not to waste your time. On the same sites it is possible to check the interest rates and credit conditions.

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